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New Book of Bizarre Jackson Art Released

Odd Jackson paintings show singer as heroic figure



    New Book of Bizarre Jackson Art Released
    Michael Jackson imagined himself in portraits as a heroic figure.

    Michael Jackson saw himself as superhuman – at least that’s how he wanted to appear in portraits.

    The King of Pop fancied himself King Arthur, a superhero, an angel and even Michelangelo’s “David,” The New York Post reported. Much of the work can be seen in "Michael Jackson Opus: The Ultimate Celebration of an Icon," a new 250-page art book out this week.

    In “Michael,” a painting commissioned in 1999, the late pop star is depicted with milky white skin and sports six pac abs. A handful of male cherubs gaze at up at the figure lovingly. Notably absent from the portrait is Jackson’s signature white glove.

    "He thought it was great with a little 'tongue-in-cheek' flavor," artist David Nordah told the Post.

    Nordah said he painted hundreds of pieces for Jackson.