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Naomi Campbell: I'm No Role Model



    Stars Shocked Over Naomi's Latest Cell Phone Tantrum

    Naomi Campbell allegedly beaned her New York City cabbie with her cell phone this week, the latest in the supermodel's string of attacks. (Published Tuesday, March 4, 2014)

    Model yes. Role model, no.

    Naomi Campbell, who recently took center state in the ongoing war crimes trial of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, has battled drugs, assaulted aides and sought help with anger management. She's certainly beautiful on the outside, but ....

    "Listen, I make many mistakes. Many mistakes. I'm not a perfect human being," Campbell told Interview magazine. "I have to learn from my mistakes. And a lot of the ones I've made have been public. So I always get nervous when people speak about something that sounds like a role model, because I don't know if I've been a great role model myself."

    A pictorial in the magazine has Campbell, 40, in a black dress posing like a dominatrix over a heavily tattooed and submissive male model.

    Campbell testified last month before an international tribunal in The Hague about receiving diamonds from Taylor after a gala dinner in South Africa in 1997. Taylor is accused of trading in "blood diamonds" in exchange for helping rebel factions during the 11-year civil war in Sierra Leone.

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