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Brit Artist Makes Lady Di Hair "Jel"



    Brit Artist Makes Lady Di Hair "Jel"
    Fascinated by Princess Diana of Wales? Now you can see some of her most important belongings at the National Constitution Center.

    OK, we all miss Princess Di, but this is just weird. And gross.

    Jam made with the late icon's hair is on sale as part of a London art exhibit. The jelly was made using a tiny piece of Lady Di's hair, infused with gin and then combined with milk and sugar, according to The Associated Press.

    "We thought about it and the most mundane food of all is jam," said creator Sam Bompas. "So we made it a surreal object."

    The preserve, called "occult jam," is part of a surrealist art show at London's Barbican Art Gallery and sells for $7.60 a jar.

    The hair was bought on eBay for $10 from a U.S. dealer who collects celebrity hair.

    Bompas said he decided to make the bizarre product to provoke people into thinking about food marketing and how language enhances the everyday eating experience, he said.