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Rose McGowan’s Twitter Stalker Gets Probation

Louis Santo told a local Conn. site he's not a violent person.



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    A Connecticut man has been given probation for harassing actress Rose McGowan.

    Louis Santo, 36, professed his love for the "Charmed" star in Twitter posts and called her personal cell phone, according to court records.

    In a phone interview with the Associated Press, Santo said he wrote a script for McGowan and that her claims don't make any sense to him. He said he doesn't know if he'll try to fight the restraining order, which requires him to stay 200 yards away from the actress.

    “I’m not a violent person, I don’t have a history of violence,” the Derby, Conn. man told the Valley Independent, and said he never again plans to send her a screenplay.

    McGowan got a restraining order against Santo.