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Kanye West Cancels "Today" Show Performance

"I don't hate Matt Lauer," he tweets



    Kanye West Cancels "Today" Show Performance
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    Kanye West versus the "Today" show, round three -- or is it four? -- is in the books. And the winner is? Hard to tell.

    After feeling as if  the show had set him up by playing clips on yesterday's program of his 2009 MTV awards Taylor Swift-boating during a conversation about more recent events, West announced via Twitter today that he will not be performing as scheduled on "Today" on Nov. 26.

    "Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you're going to be running this thing in the middle while I'm talking?" West asked host Matt Lauer during the interview. He stopped mid-sentence on a discussion about George W. Bush's new memoir and a revelation in the book that West's claim that the former prez "doesn't care about black people," had severely stung Bush.

    As is his want, West took to Twitter soon after the awkward exchange with Lauer to disclose his displeasure with the segment. Lauer replied that what "Today" had done was purely business as usual and in no way was meant to offend West.

    Today West tweeted: "I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I'm so happy the world got to see just a small piece of "the set up"

    The mercurial mic-master insisted that his venom did not extend to Lauer: "And I don't hate Matt Lauer ... We don't promote hate. That's the whole point!!! I promote love and truth!"

    It's not clear who the big loser is here. The "Today" show, which recently had Bush on for an hour-long special has no problem booking the biggest  guests -- they'll find someone else to appear. West is promoting a new album, meanwhile, and now millions of viewers will not see him perform tracks from the album on live TV.

    The again, all this Twitter-ing back and forth has probably brought more attention to West than a single appearance ever could.


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