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Gekko, Wall Street Back For More

Michael Douglas to film sequel to hit "Wall Street"



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    Michael Douglas is about to go back to "Wall Street."

    The real Wall Street may be down for the count -- but on film, greed is still good.

    Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone will re-team to film the sequel to their 1987 hit "Wall Street," the movie's producers announced Tuesday.

    Douglas' greased-up moneygrubber Gordon Gekko will soon appear on screens again in the as-yet-untitled flick, with original director Oliver Stone back at the helm.

    The film will take a different tack than the original "Wall Street," which painted a picture of corporate fat cats working their way up the brokerage ladder one swindle at a time.

    The sequel will be a timely reflection of the current economic tailspin, Twentieth Century Fox spokesperson Gregg Brilliant said.

    No release date has been set.