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Michelle Monaghan On ‘Eagle Eye’s’ Shia LaBeouf: ‘He Is Amazing!’



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    Earlier this week, Shia LaBeouf called his “Eagle Eye” co-star, Michelle Monaghan, “a little tank” for all the stunts she bravely pulled off in their new film. But as Access Hollywood’sBilly Bush found out, she too has praise in return.

    “He is amazing,” Michelle enthused. “He’s incredibly dedicated. That’s the great thing about him — he’s so young, he’s only 21. Certainly it’s a testament to him having acted for years, but he really strives to make every shot better, and if it’s something that’s not working right, he’s right in there trying to fix it.”

    Michelle said Shia is so dedicated to his craft he gets to work ahead of schedule.

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    “He’s the only co-star that I’ve ever worked with that  actually turns up to work earlier than his call time,” she said. “His call time is at 5:30, he’s there at 5:15. It makes me look bad.”

    Though the two co-stars were born a decade apart – Michelle is 32, Shia, 22 — the two formed a lasting friendship on the “Eagle Eye” set.

    “Oh my gosh! I had an absolute ball with Shia. I consider Shia a really great friend,” Michelle said.

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    But the two also found time to add a new facet to their friendship.

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