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Michael Lohan Asks Judge To Order Lindsay To Rehab; Compares Her To Jackson, Ledger & Smith



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    Lindsay Lohan fights back after her father, Michael Lohan, shared messages the starlet left him. Lindsay calls him a "deadbeat dad" while Michael says he just wants his daughter in rehab.

    Michael Lohan is asking a judge to order his daughter, Lindsay, to go to rehab, saying he fears that she will be the next celebrity to lose her life to drugs.

    In news first reported by TMZ and confirmed by Access Hollywood, Michael's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has written a letter to the judge presiding over the 23-year-old's DUI probation case asking that more steps be taken to intervene in his daughter's life.

    "It is clear to Michael that the current court-ordered condition of her probation – namely, that she is required only to attend alcohol education classes – is insufficient," the letter claimed.

    The letter goes on to ask that the judge "order Lindsay into an inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment program."

    Bloom suggests that Lindsay receive treatment for her alleged drug use in Cold Spring Hills, N.Y., writing, "[Lindsay's family] could easily attend family therapy with her as needed."

    In the event that the "Mean Girls" star is not ordered to attend rehab by the judge, an alternate plan was suggested.

    "Michael respectfully requests the Court order Lindsay to be subject to frequent, random, court ordered drug testing; that Lindsay be subjected to random searches of her home and person by law enforcement; and that Lindsay's probation be extended for an additional term of years to continue her period of court supervision," the letter continued.

    The letter to the judge ends with a chilling glimpse into Lindsay's possible future, at least according to Michael.

    "It is painful for a father to ask a court for stricter controls on his own beloved daughter, but the alternative – that Lindsay becomes the next Hollywood statistic, the next Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith – is far worse," the letter concluded.

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