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Michael Jackson's Bodyguards: Singer Had Girlfriends, Was an "Awesome" Dad



    Michael Jackson's Bodyguards: Singer Had Girlfriends, Was an "Awesome" Dad

    Three of Michael Jackson's former bodyguards are speaking out about the late pop star's private life and revealing details about his girlfriends and what kind of father he was.

    Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon "BJ" Beard appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday and called Jackson – who died on June 25 – an "awesome" dad.

    "The kids were constantly saying, 'I love you, Daddy…They were like four buddies," Garcia said, explaining that one of the activities that Jackson loved to do was take his three kids – Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket – to fast food drive-throughs. The guards said the singer would often get a kick out of ordering himself.

    Whitfield described Jackson's three children as "polite" and "well mannered"

    Beard noted that Jackson and his kids were very isolated, explaining that at the kids' birthday parties, no other children were present and only Jackson, the nanny, the teacher and the bodyguards would attend.

    Beard described some of the isolated moments of Jackon's life as "sad."

    The three men were asked if they believed Jackson was as pedophile, to which all three said, "No."

    "Being a man…men know men…and we [were] around him long enough to know…he was a man," Whitfield said.

    Garcia said the singer had "desires of women like we do. He had lovers."

    According to the guards, Jackson had two girlfriends from 2007 to 2009 and they often witnessed the pop star being romantic with them.

    "In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat…you couldn't see in the back seat. They talked back there…they didn't do nothing out of bounds…you can hear the kissing," Whitfield explained.

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