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Madonna Wins Suit Against Brit Paper Over Wedding Pix

Sunday Mail ran pix from star's wedding



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    Madonna accepted "substantial" damages for the publication of her secret wedding photos last year. She plans to give the money to her charity, Raising Malawi.

    Madonna bested a British newspaper, winning undisclosed damages over pictures it ran from her 2000 marriage to Guy Ritchie.

    The amount was not disclosed, though Madonna initially sought $8 million from The Mail. The star's lawyer said it was "substantial" and she plans to donate the money to her Raising Malawi charity.

    The Mail obtained the photos after an interior designer copied them from Madonna's photo album three years ago and tried to sell them to the newspaper. The newspaper turned down the offer at first, but then published them when Madonna announced her divorce from Guy Ritchie last year.

    Before The Mail got hold of them, no pictures of the wedding had been published.  Madonna's lawyer said the star put a lot of effort into keeping the wedding private.