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Lindsay Lohan Vs. The Bushes



    Lindsay Lohan Vs. The Bushes

    Lindsay Lohan was swarmed by a herd of snapping photographers late Tuesday night in Hollywood, but it was an agave plant and mini palm tree that got the best of her!

    The starlet was heading into a friend's house when a combination of loose gravel, an uneven pathway and the blinding flash of the snappers' cameras took down LiLo, who stumbled into the bushes.

    In video posted on YouTube, the 23-year-old was later seen exiting the house and almost slipped again.

    "Hope, you're feeling better," a photographer said to the actress.

    "Yeah, thanks, you guys cut me when you pushed me," she told photographers.

    "Nobody cut you Lindsay…you fell on yourself, you slipped on the gravel," another photographer told her.

    "No, you guys pushed me," she snapped back.

    In more Lindsay news, on Tuesday, she shot down reports that she was designing a line of handbags for Ed Hardy, Tweeting, "fyi….. i am NOT designing for Ed Hardy… JUST 6126 (my line)."

    See Lindsay's run-in with the bushes, HERE!

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