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Kelly Clarkson: Dating Is 'Just Draining'



    Kelly Clarkson: Dating Is 'Just Draining'

    On Kelly Clarkson's new single, "I Do Not Hook Up," the pop star sings about the virtues of taking it slow in a relationship – but has the singer slowed her dating life down to a stand still?

    In the April 30 issue of Rolling Stone, Kelly said that it's not her fame or residence in rural Texas that have hindered her search for love – it's just that she's not obsessed with finding it.

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    "I'm not that girl who's really concerned with it. I've dated a bit and it's just draining to me," she told the mag. "If it's not going to happen natural, obviously it's going to be someone in the industry because that's the only time people ever really see me."

    The original "American Idol" went on to explain that everyone but her seems to be preoccupied with the state of her dating life.

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    "I don't ever worry about it. I really love being single. I like having that freedom," Kelly explained. " I like having that freedom. I'm only 26 years old so I'm not in any kind of rush… I'm not really that girl that's looking for it."

    But despite her relaxed attitude towards the pursuit of love, the pop star said she keeping her eyes wide open when it comes to guys.

    Adding, "But I'm also not not looking for it."

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    And when it comes to career versus personal life, Kelly appears to hold love above fame.

    The pop star recently told CTV about the first time she saw "Britain's Got Talent" sensation Susan Boyle.

    "I'm in the restaurant [with my family] and then like all of a sudden I'm bawling… I don't know why I'm crying… it's the song [and] no one in my family has seen 'Les Mis' and 'I Dreamed A Dream' is the perfect song for her to sing and my mother was laughing at me so hard because I was just tearing up," she recalled.

    "I think it's such a great story, I mean 47-years-old and she's waited," Kelly said just before she was told that Susan Boyle had originally claimed to have never been kissed.

    "Whoa! Forget the career!" Kelly exclaimed. "Go get kissed!"

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