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Jonas Brothers To Celebrate Grammy Nomination With Football & Pinkberry



    Jonas Brothers To Celebrate Grammy Nomination With Football & Pinkberry
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    Fraternal trio the Jonas Brothers will celebrate their Grammy nomination with some flag football and Pinkberry.

    Many artists honored with a Grammy Award nomination might celebrate at a celeb-filled Hollywood club, but Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas plan to rejoice in their musical milestone with a rousing game of flag football and some Pinkberry.

    Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson caught up with The Jonas Brothers at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards nominations Wednesday night in Los Angeles, where the middle Jonas brother, Joe, said they were surprised to be nominated for Best New Artist.

    “Wow! [We] really didn’t expect it at all,” Joe told Shaun.

    And how will the siblings celebrate the good news?

    “We really like football. So, possibly a nice flag football game with some of our friends,” youngest brother Nick said.

    Nick added that they had just enjoyed a good game the previous night and were still recovering from all the action.

    “I went to catch the ball and it just hit my finger. It was kind of lame…wasn’t even like a good play or anything,” Nick noted.

    Joe, on the other hand, had a lower impact celebration plan in mind.

    “Maybe some Pinkberry,” Joe told Shaun, who has yet to try the popular and much-celeb-beloved frozen treat. “It’s like having ice-cream, but afterwards you don’t feel like, ‘Oh, I just had a bunch of ice cream.’ You feel like, ‘All right, I feel good.’”

    As for the popular frozen treat store, they would love to have the Jonas Brothers stop by.

    “We’re super excited that they love Pinkberry!” Ron Graves, Pinkberry CEO, told “Please tell them to come by and celebrate at one of our stores!”

    But before the brothers get out on the field or decide between original, green tea or pomegranate Pinkberry, they said the first thing they planned to do is call their mom.