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Jeremy Piven Falls Off the Fish Wagon

Mercury must be in retrograde



    Jeremy Piven Falls Off the Fish Wagon
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    Piven was sidelined from "Speed the Plow" last December after suffering mercury poisoning from bad sushi.

    Mercury, what mercury?

    Jeremy Pivenwas reportedly spotted in Chicago this week munching on (gasp!) fish.

    Someone spied the Entourage actor tearing into a piece of whitefish at Gibson’s steakhouse Tuesday night, according to the Sun-Times.

    Piven’s dining choices have been scrutinized ever since he dropped out of a Broadway production of David Mamet’s “Speed the Plow,” claiming mercury poisoning from overindulging in sushi.

    The Whitefish at Gibsons is reported to have low levels of mercury, and it’s cooked, but don’t let that stop the snickering. Apparently the Piven fish story has legs.

    Two weeks ago, Joe’s Pub in New York City put on a production called “The Piven Monologues,” in which actors read from critical stories about the Piven’s departure from the stage.

    Piven sent the pub theater a cease-and-desist letter.