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Jackson Doctor Fights to Keep Medical License



    Jackson Doctor Fights to Keep Medical License
    In this July 7, 2006 photo, Dr. Conrad Murray poses for a photo as he opens the Acres Homes Cardiovascular Center at the Tidwell Professional Building, in Houston. A woman who answered the phone Friday, June 26, 2009, at Dr. Conrad C. Murray's clinic in Houston confirmed to The Associated Press that Murray was Michael Jackson's cardiologist. Los Angeles police say they want to speak to the doctor but stressed he was not under criminal investigation. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle) ** MANDATORY CREDIT: HOUSTON CHRONICLE **

    Michael Jackson's doctor is "hanging on by a thread" and must be allowed to continue practicing medicine in order to pay for his defense on a manslaughter charge in the pop star's death, the physician's lawyers said in court papers filed Thursday.

    Responding to a bid by the California attorney general to suspend Dr. Conrad Murray's medical license pending trial, attorneys Ed Chernoff and Joseph Low said the effect would be devastating to the doctor who already faces a slew of financial problems.

    "He is, without fear of overstatement, hanging on by a thread," the attorneys wrote. "His ability to pay for his own defense depends almost entirely on his ability to continue to treat patients."

    Murray, who was working as Jackson's personal physician, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death from the anesthetic propofol and other drugs. He has pleaded not guilty.

    He is scheduled for a court appearance Monday at which a judge may be assigned to his case and a preliminary hearing date selected.

    The attorney general's office said a representative of the Medical Board of California will appear to challenge Murray's license. Murray has already been told not to use anesthetics.

    Murray's lawyers said there is no need to revoke his California license since he does not practice in the state and cautioned that a suspension would have a "domino effect" leading to his inability to practice at his clinics in Nevada and Texas.

    "If Dr. Murray is unable to practice medicine in Texas, and especially Nevada, he will likely be faced with the inability to adequately defend himself of the charges facing him in the Superior Court of California," his lawyers wrote. "The case with which he is charged will require intensive attorney work and fees. In light of the fact that much of his defense will be scientifically based and involves the death of an internationally famous decedent, expenses for his defense will be considerable."

    The attorneys also argued that the state is unfairly trying to curtail Murray's right to a full hearing by the medical board.

    They said a suspension would affect his ability to pay child support and to pay his employees and would negatively impact the patients he is treating in Nevada and Texas.

    The attorney general's office said Murray exercised "poor professional judgment" in Jackson's treatment and "ultimately took the life of his patient."

    "Defendant's behavior shows an utter disregard for the care and well-being of the persons entrusted to his care. His conduct is unprofessional and reckless," the motion to revoke his license said. "This is conduct from which the public should be protected."

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