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"Fed Up" Jacko Doc to Surrender Regardless of Charge

Murray expects to be arraigned Friday



    "Fed Up" Jacko Doc to Surrender Regardless of Charge
    Dr. Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson's personal physician right up until the singer's death.

    This is it – Michael Jackson’s doctor is fed up with the waiting.

    Dr. Conrad Murray will surrender to authorities at a Los Angeles courthouse today at 1:30 p.m., whether he’s been charged in the King of Pop’s death or not, Murray’s spokeswoman tells The Associated Press.

    If he’s not charged, Murray will fly home to Houston where he has a practice, the spokeswoman, Miranda Sevcik, says.

    The district attorney's office has kept mum on if it plans to charge Murray in connection with Jackson's death, which was ruled a homicide.

    But Sevcik tells the AP the doctor and his legal team have been waiting for the DA’s office to make their move since Tuesday, expecting Murray to be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

    News of Murray’s frustration comes hours after the doctor’s legal team indicated Thursday they were close to completing a deal on the terms of his surrender.

    "I anticipate he'll be charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter, to which we'll enter a plea of not guilty,” his lawyer, Michael Flanagan told People. “I expect that we'll have him first surrender to the LAPD [on Friday] where he'll be booked and then transported to court for arraignment."

    Suspicion has focused on Murray since Jackson died at age 50 in his rented L.A.-area mansion. Murray is suspected of administering a fatal does of propofol, a powerful anesthetic used in emergency rooms to help the singer sleep.