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Heather Locklear’s Questionable 911 Caller Revealed



    Heather Locklear’s Questionable 911 Caller Revealed

    Heather Locklear was arrested on Saturday in Montecito for suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance after the police were tipped off by a 911 call – but according to new reports, the caller wasn’t necessarily just your average concerned citizen.

    In a recording of the phone call, obtained by Access Hollywood, a female caller uncertainly reports in that she’s witnessed “a drunk driver.”

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    CLICK HERE to listen to the 911 call.

    “We were at the market. She was drunk at the market, and she got in the car and then we saw her pulled over,” the caller began. “She wandered up and down the street, but now she’s back in the driver’s seat.”

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    Heather was found not to be under the influence of alcohol. Her drug test results will be known in a few weeks. But the 911 caller’s identity has become known now.

    “My name is Jill,” she told the operator.

    According to reports, she’s Jill Ishkanian – a former Us Weekly employee turned paparazzo, who is reportedly under FBI investigation for hacking into Us Weekly’s computer system to locate celebrities. Was she following Heather with ill intentions?

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    “We’re following her. It looks like she’s just revving her engine as she…” Jill said before being cut off by the operator, who told her to stop following the car.

    However, Jill’s attorney, Nicholas Tepper, claims she was not engaging in any questionable conduct.

    “She was not staking out. She was not working,” Tepper told Access. “She was, happened to be at the market at the exact same time that Ms. Locklear was there.”

    And Jill’s attorney, who claims she did not hack into Us Weekly’s computers, is furious with the allegations against his client.

    “It’s defamatory in the extreme and it’s causing my client… damage,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Heather went out for lunch on Wednesday for the first time since her arrest last Saturday. She drove away afterward with boyfriend Jack Wagner.

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