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Estefans New "Very Small" Owners of the Dolphins

Stephen Ross appears determined to use the Dolphins to bring the '80s back



     Estefans New "Very Small" Owners of the Dolphins
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    Gloria Estefan loves her some Dolphins.

    OK, someone needs to sit Dolphins team owner Stephen Ross down and upgrade his iPod or at the very least, his cable package.

    The Dolphins said Monday they have apparently joined forces with another blast from the past and will have some major announcement involving the Estefans on Thursday. The last time the team hinted at tag-teaming with a golden oldie, the stadium's name was changed to LandShark courtesy of hometown hero (not!) Jimmy Buffett.

    This time, sources say, the Estefans have bought a "very small" ownership stake in the team. Who knows what changes that will bring about. 

    Perhaps "Miami Dolphins" isn't a groovy enough name for the team. Fans might find out that the team's new name will be The Miami Sound Machine and that Gloria Estefan will be under center for the playoff push next season. For some twisted reason, we are sure that will put more butts in the seats at Land Shark, but that doesn't make it right.

    At the very least, couldn't Ross choose to team with a musical talent has made a hit record this century? Miami is full of them, just watch MTV 2.

    Stay tuned for Thursday, as Ross continues to sell off what's left of the tradition of the Dolphins in the name of corporate sponsorship and ticket sales.