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Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Back on eBay

Bidders get second chance at eternity with legend



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    Marilyn Monroe is still being exploited, nearly a half century after her death.

    Elsie Poncher won't get fooled again.

    After putting the crypt above Marilyn Monroe's on eBay in August, Poncher got burned by a $4.6 million bid. After that fell through, the next 11 bidders also balked.

    But now she's back, and she has help.

    The marble mausoleum crypt will be back on eBay from Oct. 19-26. The bidding will start at $500,000, according to organizer Eric Gazin of

    This time, bidders will have to prequalify, and put down a deposit.

    Gazin told The Associated Press he thinks the crypt at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery will fetch "millions of dollars."