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Crowe Flies Off Handle, Banned From Brit Pub: Report

Actor blew up at closing time near set of new film



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    Tough guy actor Russell Crowe was reportedly banned from a British pub, but his manager denies it.

    This time he didn't throw a telephone at anyone, but hot-tempered actor Russell Crowe has reportedly been banned from a British pub near the set of his new film "Robin Hood."

    The brooding three-time Oscar nominee got into an argument with staffers at The Brickmakers, in Windlesham, Surrey, according to the Sunday Express. The star objected when the bartender told him it was closing time and offered money to be allowed to stay and drink after hours.

    "There was apparently trouble and he's been asked not to return," a bar manager told the paper, adding that Crowe has been barred from at least two other nearby pubs.

    But Crowe's manager Grant Vandenberg said Monday the 45-year-old actor had not been locked out of the watering hole.

    "The only truth to the whole thing is that he has been" to the pub," Vandenberg said.

    Crowe, whose credits include "Gladiator," "A Beautiful Mind," "Cinderella Man" and "L.A. Confidential," is known for throwing violent tantrums. In 2005, he spazzed out at the Mercer Hotel in New York, throwing a phone at a concierge who wouldn't help him place a call.

    While Crowe may not be making a good impression in the local bars, he won over the staff at a nearby cancer research facility, dropping in unannounced and writing a check for $1,650.