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Christina Aguilera & Baby Max Rock The Vote



    Christina Aguilera has lined up her son, Max Libron Bratman, for his first starring role.

    The five-month-old appears alongside his singing-sensation mother in a public service announcement for Rock the Vote.

    Aguilera cradles her little one in the spot as she softly sings, “America The Beautiful.”

    “My involvement with Rock the Vote is just trying to bring awareness to everyone out there,” Aguilera told “Larry King Live.” “In particular for me, being a new mother, it was really important for me to get involved and get excited about this election… [it] being one of change and new development for our country and for the future of my son. Being a new mother, I just want the best possibilities for him.”

    When asked why she chose to put her baby in the spotlight, Aguilera said bringing him into a Rock the Vote PSA, was one way she could control his image exposure.

    “Being that I am someone that is in the limelight, I just figured he is going to be, time and time again, subjected to the press in one shape or another, in a way that I’m not going to have much control over,” she said. “[With this PSA], what a great way to sort of subject him in such a positive way.”

    Aguilera admitted the last general election was her first time voting, but she hopes other young people won’t wait as long as she did to make their first trip to the ballot box.

    “What a groundbreaking time in history,” she said. “We had a woman running for president which is pretty much unheard of, we had an African American running… Right here and right now it’s very present. This is the moment.”

    To watch Christina’s Rock the Vote PSA, CLICK HERE.