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Christina Aguilera Shoots Down Cher Feud Rumors: We're "Like Old Girlfriends"



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    Orange you glad your fake tan doesn't look like Christina Aguilera's?

    Christina Aguilera is addressing rumors of diva antics and a rivalry with co-star Cher in the upcoming "Burlesque."

    "I was laughing so much when I heard that because Cher and I were like old girlfriends," the 29-year-old singer told Latina Magazine in the June/July issue.

    "I actually find that people who have been in the business the longest, they're just the coolest because they don't have anything to prove," she continued. "So, they can leave their egos and the stupidity behind."

    The singer, who is about drop a new album, "Bionic," on June 8, said she's worked hard to avoid having to deal with stupidity when it comes to her career.

    "As a young female growing up in this business, your bite has to kind of be bigger than your bark. Sometimes you have to speak a little louder, push a little harder, and I definitely did that when the going got tough," she explained. "But there were moments when I got taken advantage of because I trusted the wrong people. My instincts got a lot sharper over the years, so I'm thankful for that."

    Christina is also very thankful for her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, who she says helps her see the world more clearly.

    "Jordy was the calm in the storm when everybody else was driving me crazy. I had a lot of older people around me who were conniving – and these people do that so you cling to them," she told the mag. "He was the person who reached down, pulled me out and made me see reason. I'm very lucky to have him."

    Christina and Cher will be seen on the big screen together when "Burlesque" hits theaters in November.

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