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Brittany Murphy's Family Open Up About Actress' Death, Husband Says She Was Fired From 'Happy Feet 2'



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    Brittany Murphy's mother and widower appeared on NBC's "Today" show on Thursday morning where they opened up about their loss.

    Just moments before "Today" interviewed Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack on air, Sharon put her hand to her heart and took a deep breath as she listened to the show's report on her 32-year-old daughter's tragic death.

    During their discussion with "Today's" Matt Lauer, both Sharon and Simon addressed the rumors surrounding Brittany's death.

    "Brittany was not taking any medication for her mood, for anorexia, for any kind of mental illness," he said.

    Although many bottles of prescription drugs were found in their home, Simon claims most of the medications were for him. He said Brittany only used the painkiller Vicoprofen and the antidepressant Seraphim for menstrual symptoms.

    "Let me ask you about rumors of cocaine use," Matt asked.

    "So horrific. She was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was a young teenager and she was terrified of anything happening to her. She never did any drugs ever," Sharon said.

    "The bottom line is if she'd done cocaine, she'd be dead in a second," Simon said.

    Brittany's weight fluctuated throughout her career. Right before her death, she appeared shockingly thin, which led to speculation of anorexia.

    "Did she have any kind of eating disorder?" Matt asked.

    "Absolutely not," Simon said. "You just need to go to her favorite restaurant, the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, and speak to any waiter who will tell you Britt would quite happily order four plates of food."

    Just two weeks before she died, the "Happy Feet" star told Access Hollywood she was excited to begin production on the animated hit film's sequel, but Simon broke news, claiming she was actually fired from the film the week before her death – a turn of events that might have contributed to her death.

    "She was offered the role of Gloria in the remake and, unfortunately, Warner Bros. pulled the offer based off rumors that were untrue of a film in Puerto Rico," Simon said. "Any actress that takes the role of Gloria I think is terrible. And I would say to Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, who are considering doing the movie, really think about your friendship with Brittany before you do it."

    After sending his message to Brad and Matt, who reportedly have joined the "Happy Feet" sequel's cast, Simon went on to blame Hollywood for his wife's demise, saying the downward spiral in her career broke her heart.

    "Hollywood is a village and once you upset the villagers, they talk and they gossip and they rumor and they have blood on their hands and I hope they wash them with very hot water," he said.

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