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Bin Laden's Son Loves His Dad, and Drew Barrymore

Terror chief's kid a fan of American culture



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    Osama Bin Laden's son had an eye-opening revelation for a British tabloid: He wants to meet Drew Barrymore.

    Oh, and his dad is still alive.

    "I want to go to America and I would love to meet Drew Barrymore," Omar Bin Laden told The Sun. "I am single now and she is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood."

    The terror madman's son said he hasn't been in contact with his cave-dwelling father, but knows he is still somewhere, running al Qaida.

    "My dad is on the Earth but I don't know where," Bin Laden said. "He's still alive. If that sort of person dies, you could never make it a secret. The world changes if he dies."

    Reports that Bin Laden is dead have circulated since just after the 9/11 attacks. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and former Pakistani leaders Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto all said at one time or another that Bin laden is dead.

    The International Public Enemy No. 1 is believed to have anywhere from a dozen to two dozen children.

    In addition to his unrequited love for Drew Barrymore, the younger Bin Laden expressed an affection for Jim Carrey films, American football, rock music and even Laurel And Hardy.

    He said he still loves his father, but dreams of one day convincing him to embrace peace. Which is likely to happen right after Omar meets Drew.