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And the Golden Globe Should Go to...



    Awards season is upon us. Crushingly so. You can barely get through a commercial block without "nominated for..." bursting your eardrums. Access Hollywood, Extra, and all the rest are a-twitter with last minute posturing. Celebs are getting facials, massages, and gifts galore. And we want in.

    We'll be covering the event all Sunday with fashion disasters, award victors, and other juicy tidbits.

    Until then, we've channeled our inner Roger Ebert - picking our favorites and adding a dash of WWTHFPD. Now it's your turn. Who do you think should win? Jump into the prognostication game. Vote in our polls for your picks or post a comment below. Here are our picks for the winners of a few key categories.

    Best Motion Picture - Drama
    The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button: too obvious
    Frost/Nixon: too heady
    The Reader: too dramatic
    * Revolutionary Road: just right
    Slumdog Millionaire: too scrappy

    Best Motion Picture - Musical Or Comedy
    Burn After Reading: too campy
    Happy-Go-Lucky: too underdoggy
    * In Bruges: just right
    Mamma Mia!: too happy
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona: too Woody

    Best Television Series - Drama
    Dexter: too bloody
    House: too old (not you, Hugh!)
    In Treatment: close second
    * Mad Men: just right
    True Blood: too trendy

    Best Television Series - Musical Or Comedy
    * 30 Rock: just right
    Californication: too sex addicty
    Entourage: too cool
    The Office: too obvious
    Weeds: too old (not you, Mary Louise!)

    There you have it. Picks of four of the biggest categories of the night. And we're probably wrong on all counts. So what? The fun is bagging on the outifts anyway! Enjoy the show!