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Adam Lambert Refutes Rumors, Says He & Dad Are Just Fine



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    Adam Lambert made a visit to "The Jay Leno Show" on Monday where the former "American Idol" star cleared up a few rumors, including one that his father was furious following his controversial American Music Awards performance last month.

    "My father was rumored to be mortified by what I did and now we're not speaking — that's a rumor," Adam told Jay, shooting down the gossip. "I think Bill O' Reilly perpetuated that. Lovely man."

    Adam said he and his father did discuss the November AMAs performance that saw the singer pull a backup dancer to his nether regions, kiss a male keyboardist and give his middle finger to the camera, but it certainly wasn't heated and the two aren't feuding over it.

    "My father and I had a conversation on the phone where it was like, we were laughing about it and he was like, 'Well, maybe you should just say sorry,' and I'm like, 'Eh, I don't feel I did anything wrong. Moving on.' So that was a rumor," Adam explained.

    The raven-haired singer also said contrary to reports, he does not have his own brand of guyliner.

    "I haven't developed a makeup line," Adam said. "I might, but I haven't yet."

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