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    Marc Santia
    Marc Santia

    Marc Santia joined NBC 4 New York as a general assignment reporter in July 2012. In his first days of joining the station, Santia covered the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Weeks later, he was one of the first reporters on scene at the Empire State Building shooting. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York, Santia was in Staten Island where his crew car fell underwater. After losing the car and belongings, Santia and his crew found themselves under the care of a friendly family to ride out the storm.

    Santia began his career in 1998 in WDIV in Detroit as an intern and production assistant. He worked his way up to producer and eventually investigative reporter at the station. Santia has covered many award-winning stories including the investigation and charges of Detroit’s former Mayor Kilpatrick and the breaking news coverage of Koren-burning pastor visiting Dearborn, Michigan. Santia has also won an Emmy Award for an investigative story he covered and produced.
    Santia graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit. He currently resides in Westchester County with his wife and two kids.
    You can follow Marc on Twitter at @MarcSantia4NY.