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Wishlisted: What Jumelle's Candice Waldron is Hoping for This Holiday



    Candice Waldron, owner of Williamsburg boutique, Jumelle (also known as the store that houses our complete fantasy wardrobe), is an expert when it comes to finding special home wares, unusual coffee table books, and above all, clothes. No surprise, then, that her holiday wishlist is a perfectly curated mix of home, books, and high-fashion finds.
    1. Meditation Cushion - "I have long been coveting these hand-felted cushions and was very happy to track them down and bring them to Jumelle. Still, I want one (or some) to use as floor cushions or around the dining table on my chairs. I love the assortment of colors and the fact that they are hand-made in India."

    2. Rapunzel Sapphire Ring - "My sister introduced me to the beautiful work of English jeweler Polly Wales. Her unique creations involve the ancient technique of lost wax casting."

    Holiday jewelry selections from Polly Wales will be in-store and online at Jumelle in early December.

    3. "Just Kids" by Patti Smith -
    "At the end of the day, I like to wind down with a book. Over the holidays, I look forward to reading Smith's award-winning book that details her life with Robert Mapplethorpe."

    4. Mystic Dress - "This is one of my favorite pieces of the fall/winter season by one of my (as well as customers') favorite lines Anntian, designed by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt of Berlin. I cannot wait to wear this dress.