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Where's the Mango Love?



    Once again, we wandered in to one of our sleeper shop favorites, Mango, on Broadway just below Houston in Soho.  And again, nobody was in there.  Why does this mid-priced Euro chain, with consistently hot clothes, go unloved in the shadow of H&M and Topshop? We just don't get it. 

    Dodging a gaggle of tourists and intrepid locals streaming down Broadway, we were finally able to break into the misplaced serenity within the empty walls of Spanish trend-spot, Mango and take a little look-see.  Lo and behold, we left with a great motorcycle jacket and a shirt.  In fact, come to think of it, we've never left emptyhanded.  And yet, and yet - we're still surprising our fashion-forward friends when we cite the source of our complimented duds. 

    Do you ever go into Mango? Did you know it was there? Do you even know what it is?  We simply ask because we've been astonished by the negative responses from usually savvy-shopper compadres.

    For instance, right now, the new collection boasts such goodies as a pitch-perfect boyfriend Tuxedo Jacket ($99), impeccably chic Adam Lippes for Mango pleated charcoal gray Youth Trousers (&79), a faux-feathery fur chubby by Adam Lippes ($129), these killer hidden platform pumps ($89), all your costume jewelry needsmangoshop.com/shop.faces, plus leather dresses you can afford, lots of leopard print, oh, the possibilities are endless, my friends.

    Just, go already (we may be kicking ourselves for this post, but the recognition was long overdue).