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We're Loving: Wendy Nichol's Accessories



    Designer Wendy Nichol's latest collection of fringe-bedecked handbags and edgy studded jewelry have become the darlings of the downtown fashion set. They strike just the right balance between modern and vintage -- the handbags, especially, have Western-inspired details and buttery soft leather.

    The entire handbag line is actually made right here in New York -- in a studio on Crosby Street in Soho. Best of all, the designer's really trying to keep her carbon footprint small, by incorporating handmade materials (the leather's hand-dyed in Brooklyn with all-natural dyes) and incorporating old scraps as fringe.

    As for the designer's favorite tote? It's -- surprisingly -- one of the lines's simpler, pared-down pieces, the Washed Billy Kid tote. "I run all over the city on appointments and having a leather tote carryall saves my life. We have designed it so it's ultra durable you can carry your laptop tons more. It has a pocket that fits your cell phone and your Metrocard and a key loop at the top of the bag so you never loose your keys at the bottom!"

    Nichol even gave us a sneak peek into the world of her spring/summer collection, which continues the Native American and classic Americana styling. "This season we have modified things with many references to shamans, medicine men, and witches," she said. "Our bullet bag, medicine bag, and tobacco bag are all inspired by such mystical personas."

    Wendy Nichol's accessories are available at Bird and Stuart & Wright in Brooklyn, and Castor & Pollux and Oak in Manhattan. Shop online at wendynicholnyc.com