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We're Loving: State-by-Celebrity Tote Bag



    The State-by-Celebrity canvas tote is a truly enlightening accessory.  The charming silk-screened illustration pairs each of the 50 states with the celebrity who claims it as their home. Jimi Hendrix is a Washingtonian and Dr. Seuss is a Masshole! Who knew?

    Besides falling into the category of indispensable, the State-by-Celebrity bag will help you learn something new each time you throw it over your shoulder.  Some are obvious: Barbra Streisand is a native New Yorker and Sitting Bull is from South Dakota, but how funny that Fred Astaire was born in Nebraska, the neighboring state to Ginger Rogers' Missouri; or that Jack Nicholson is a Jersey boy. 

    We love a bag one can study - besides the hometown match-ups, the caricatures are great.  The only downside we can imagine is what constitutes a "conversation-starter" any other place, in New York that could be the equivalent of a "subway-car-switch".  Wear picture side in as needed.