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We're Loving: Samma Jewelry



    Samma is the Swedish word for "same", yet each of artist Hanna Sandin's sculptural necklaces is unique and anything but ordinary.

    Genius is often born of necessity and, according to legend, Samma began as Sandin's response to her jewelry being robbed.  The resourceful artist strung up materials from her studio and henceforth created her line of artful creations, each its own understated vignette in metals and leather.

    There's the statement Big Loop Brass hearty-but-delicate knot chain, stainless steel Big Chain Maille on leather and Study in Balance, a necklace consisting of colored metal rods with an interchangeable shape on a light silver chain.  They're flawless without being pristine and manage to be both classic and unlike anything we've seen.

    These unfailingly cool pieces may be found at Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Gargyle.