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We're Loving: Mociun's Fall Prints



    We're Loving: Mociun's Fall Prints

    Brooklyn-based designer Caitlin Mociun has become a local insider favorite for her inventive, original prints. While the summer's offerings were graphic and colorful, this season's patterns feel decidedly celestial.

    The collection, aptly entitled "Heaven and Earth," traverses the length of the universe -- the bookends being the "Earth Dress" (a two-tone piece with a glittering top and graphic orange-and-blue skirt) and the "Meteor Dress" (a sexier silihouette including a backless cutout and an all-over shimmer). The standout, however, is the "Space" print -- rendered on a skirt and a long-sleeve dress -- that feels like the cover of our most beloved Astronomy textbook from college.

    Mociun's inventive styling -- contrasting celestial and grounded prints, paired with laceup booties -- prove prints don't have to be a spring and summer phenomenon. That said, for those looking to keep their feet on the ground, Mociun's dresses this year include some tailored options in more traditional plaid.

    Mociun is available at Kaight and Honey in the Rough on the LES, Bird and Jumelle in Brooklyn, or online at mociun.com.