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We're Loving: Lillian Crowe Jewelry



    During fashion week (on to Europe!) we tend to become a bit obsessed with particular items that grace the runway (no surprise). Leave it to VPL to have us all jonesing for some skeletal jewelry.

    Consider our latest obsession: Lillian Crowe.  Not only did VPL show those insane bone necklaces on her Spring 2010 runway, but several prints seemed to recall our internal, um, situation (see Narciso Rodriguez).  Yet!  Suddenly, we're wanting to wear the proverbial whole nine yards, albeit by way of statement jewelry or printed shift dress.  And at present, we are smitten with New York based Lillian Crowe, whose wares are available on Etsy.  Still reasonably priced, (most pieces are under $100) we anticipate these will be snapped on some bright paparazzi-stalked young thing and the price jump will make you wish you'd bought that spinal cord necklace while you had the chance.