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We're Loving: Erica Weiner Jewelry



    Erica Weiner's line of brass, silver and gold vermeil jewelry goes beyond lovely, vintage-inspired adornment.  We're particularly smitten with each piece's witty messages which has made the line a go-to for gifts.  So if you're buying for, ahem, a writer for instance consider the "Book Lover" necklace, complete with book charm and heart.  

    The designer works out of her Lower East Side studio and sources her materials from travels around the world.  Prior to launching her own line, Weiner worked as a samplemaker and theatrical costumer.  When the line emerged in 2005 out of Weiner's apartment, she was surprised and delighted at how well the pieces were received.  So well, she's been able to keep her prices shockingly affordable.  Necklaces start around $45.00 and don't usually go higher than $110.00 (for pieces with more precious materials). Bracelets, earrings and rings start at $20.00. 

    Erica Weiner Jewelry is available online here and at several shops in New York including:

    The Lower East Side Tenement Museum Shop at 108 Orchard St. @ Grand

    TG170 at 170 Ludlow between Houston and Stanton