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Vintage Prints of Nude Kate Moss For Sale



    Meet Four Inspiring Kids Tackling Cancer

    Fashion photographer Corinne Day's friends have announced the sale of 500 prints of a sexy shoot Kate Moss did with Day back in 2001 to raise money for the photographer, who's been fighting brain cancer for nearly 10 years. You can take a peek at the photograph in question on (NSFW, obviously).

    Day is arguably most famous for the series of photographs she took of Kate Moss at the young age of 15 (aptly named "Fifteen") that catapulted the young model onto the fashion scene back in the '90s. In an effort to raise money for Day's cancer treatments, her friends have been selling several limited-edition series of the supermodel -- the first round featured a grungy, topless young Moss and sold out last week. Read the complete letter regarding the sales on Apparently there will be more sales in October, November, and December!