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One Hour with 10 Victoria's Secret Angel Finalists



    This morning, we lived through every straight male's fantasy: Walking into an apartment filled with 10 Victoria's Secret Angels. Well, correction: Angel hopefuls. These 10 beauties were hand-picked from a slew of open casting calls held by Victoria's Secret to find the next top Angel who'll walk with the others in the Victoria's Secret fashion show airing December 1 on CBS. At present, the wannabe Angels have been parked in a penthouse apartment in the Financial District to be subjected to a series of "Boot Camp" challenges to be aired on three webisodes kicking off November 9th on Viewers will be able to vote for their favorite new Angel.

    The good news is that the girls really all do seem to get along. They're (mostly) all now friends on Facebook and even go shopping together. "Victoria's Secret did a really good job in picking the girls, insisted Katelyn Fortes. "Everybody's just really good people. I thought it was going to be really catty."

    "I think we were all kind of taken aback by how nice everyone was to each other and how well everyone really got along," said Jamie Lee Darley. "It was kind of weird. You wouldn't think that would happen if you just threw 10 girls together in a house, but it really did. So, so far so good."

    And, yes, they do eat. Raven Ervin, in fact, had already been to a Mexican place on West Broadway (could it have been Dos Caminos? She couldn't remember) twice since she'd been in New York. "I don't deprive myself of anything!" she said. Katelyn laughed, "You can check out the fridge! We've got everything in there, but I already ate all the chocolate." The fridge, according to the gals, contains everything from chicken to ice cream, and they even have a "muchie cabinet" -- though according to Jamie, they're saving the cookie dough for elimination night.

    In fact, the more you get to know them, the more they really do seem, as the saying goes, "just like us": Courtney O'Connor fretted about her skinny hips, Katelyn feared her chest was too small during the open calls, and Kylie Bisutti wouldn't have even auditioned if her mother-in-law (of all people) hadn't pushed her to do it. Mostly, though, they all seem anxious about the possibility of 4AM Boot Camp whistles. All in all, sweet girls: Let's hope the reality TV carousel doesn't turn them upside down.