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VPL: Spring 2010



    If you're not sold on the biker short trend, Bartlett is here to convert- several variations of the shorts were shown paired with cropped sports bras and a few signature VPL oversize knit sweaters in her Spring '10 collection.  A navy short jumpsuit that buttoned up the front feels like a sure best seller for the line shown unbuttoned, of course, with bra exposed.

    A subdued coral (subdued- but coral none the less) popped against the pale color palette of mostly nudes and grays, accenting not only knits but also footwear (the designer teamed up with LD Tuttle on footwear). 

    The most enchanting part of the show and what seemed to be Bartlett in her element were the final looks- nude lingerie reworked with sequins, shown beneath filmy sheer tunics.  Those signature VPL highwaisted briefs, which, if you're perusing the racks at Topshop, you'll notice are making a come back as outerwear, remained constant and the evolution for the line seemed to take place in the architectural elements like exagerrated hip pads on one particualarly striking bodysuit.  Not the most commercial look, but there certainly were enough sellable items displayed to keep buyers and editors satisfied alike.