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Urban Outfitters New "Leifsdottir" Label Blowing Up



    Just as most other retailers are scaling back and toning down, Urban Outfitters' Leifsdottir label is doing just the opposite, going high-end and vintage-inspired and being snatched up by Neiman's, Nordstrom, Bergdorf's and Bloomies.

    Design elements including Old World Finland inspiration - an homage to design director Johanna Uurasjarvi’s heritage - on softly romantic silhouettes and prints and impeccable tailoring characterize Leifsdottir, which retails between $225-$240. 

    Urban reps clarified that only about 10% of the perceived younger, edgier brand in the company's customer base are under the age of 19, and therefore, Leifsdottir seemed like the natural progression.

    Turns out, they may have been right.  Although the recession has affected Urban Outfitters, sales have been picking up and the company is hiring.  Their outlook is very rosy, and upon seeing the latest collection, so is ours.