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Um, No: VMAs Edition



    Not surprisingly, there was a lot of bad fashion at the VMAs red carpet this year. In fact, it was rather tough to decide who to highlight. The most obvious offender, of course, was Amber Rose.


    J. Lo's been kind of nailing it lately, so we were surprised she missed the mark here. Makeup, of course, looks flawless, but frankly the rest of the dress looks like it would have worked nicely -- if not for the bizarre criss-crossing neckline accentuated by what appear to be pirate sleeves. Gah.


    For the most part, this looks all right -- except for the fact that Hilson was likely adjusting herself every five minutes at the awards show. Seriously, there IS such a thing as over-exposure. The key is to be enticing with a plunging neckline, not give it all away.


    There are no words. Amber, we're sure you think your body is bangin' (and, to be fair, it kind of is), but for the love of all that's holy, we're tired of looking at it. The only thing at the VMAs worse than Kanye's drunk-guy-in-a-bar behavior at the show was Ms. Rose's ridiculous-looking outift. Maybe it's time for both of you to lay low for a while.