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Um, No: Tori Amos



    Um, No: Tori Amos

    Full disclosure: We're huge Tori Amos fans. Case in point: The woman is playing the piano in epic heels in this shot from her sound-check before her Radio City Music Hall performance. Heels! Do you have any idea how hard that is? The woman single-handedly inspired years of teenage piano lessons.

    That said, the fringe on those sleeves is just unacceptable. Don't get us wrong, the dress has its high points -- the slit-to-there silhouette, the subtle print, all very chic. But the fringe. Good lord. It's like this perfectly stylish long dress had a torrid love affair with a truly tacky Western fringe jacket and this is the result. We're not quite sure to what to make of the leggings, though we're assuming it was an attempt to protect her audience from any unintentional flashing. And this is why we respect Ms. Amos. And we're sure she'll be able to bounce back from those rather unfortunate sleeves quite nicely.