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Um, No: Sienna Miller



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    Okay, we get it. Sienna Miller has incredible legs. But considering this is her big Broadway debut and all, we were hoping she'd go for something a little more sophisticated. Or at least a dress that didn't look like it had been clawed by a wild animal.

    Is it sexy and fashionable? Sure! But it would probably be better suited for, say, the MTV Music Awards than the sophisticated premiere of one's Broadway play, "Miss Julie," which also happens to be Ms. Miller's rather take-me-seriously attempt at serious acting. Unfortunately for Miller, Ben Brantley of The New York Times only really had good things to say about the actress's legs -- her acting wasn't exactly the bright spot. But when you're best known for flashing leg, it shouldn't exactly come as a surprise that that's what folks tend to focus on.

    This seems like a lesson in occasion dressing: There's definitely an occasion for this dress -- especially if you have the kind of winsome smile and stunning figure that Sienna Miller has. Alas, this was not the occasion.