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Um, No: Martha Plimpton



    Um, No: Martha Plimpton
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    Truth be told, we do really like this fabric -- it's a cool color and the print is rather sophisticated -- though we kind of wish there wasn't quite so much of it.

    On the one hand, we understand that one does want to have some semblance of propriety at something called The Princess Grace Awards gala, but being so covered in this much fabric does give the impression that the wearer took a Scarlett O'Hara-wearing-the-drapes approach to fashion. Maybe the effect could have been broken up with a statement-making necklace worn over it, or perhaps a wide belt to carve out more of a waist, but alas.

    And this is Martha Plimpton we're talking about! She dated River Phoenix! She's one of our favorite '80s-'90s stars of all time, and her ensuing theatrical career is not to be taken lightly. So where's the femininity and sex appeal here? There's no reason to start covering up in upholstery when you're still so gosh darn fetching.