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Um, No: Leighton Meester



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    It was a big fashion weekend: Ashton and Demi were out in the Hamptons to celebrate "Spread," while across the country, stars dressed up for the Teen Choice Awards. Leighton Meester managed to attend both. But maybe that wasn't so smart.

    To be fair, she saved the best look for Sunday's Teen Choice Awards, rocking a cute navy-and white striped dress with red shoes (there must have been something in the water at that red carpet -- even Britney Spears looked good!). Saturday's look, however, was another matter. At first glance, this looks like a terrible tie-dye accident -- all that orange! -- but upon closer inspection, we do realize it's clouds reflecting a sunset. Now, while that's a rather lovely image, it's been our experience that wearing massive pictures of things tends to overshadow the person wearing it. In this case, once we figured out it was a sunset, that's frankly all we could see every time we looked at the picture.

    Then there's the matter of the silhouette and the cut-outs -- is it two-piece? Shrug-like dress and sportsbra? Or just ... confusing construction? If it wasn't evident before, we are very (very) confused here. But Leighton's a stylish dame. We're sure she'll figure it out for the next double-header.