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Um, No: Leighton Meester



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    Gossip GirlLeighton Meester went for a rock 'n' roll look at the grand opening of American Eagle Outfitters last night (where she also performed). Unfortunately, she went a little overboard.

    We won't even discuss the-outfit-that-shall-not-be-named that Meester wore while performing (hint: Juliette Lewis would have felt one-upped), but suffice it to say that -- as strangely goth as this ensembe seems, it's an improvement over her stage duds. And, we can see how each of the elements involved do seem very "rock star": the heavy eye makeup, the leathery dress, the bared skin. However, all of these elements in conjuction just make a girl look straight-up crazy. And while we appreciate the value of a well-fitting strapless bra, we'd really rather not see it.

    Frankly, we're just confused. Last time we saw Leighton, she was wearing Prabal Gurung and her makeup looked all glowy. Now, it's true, the dress wasn't our favorite, but dangit the girl was on the right track and overall has displayed a rather adventurous but decent sense of style. Has Leighton Meester officially gone Taylor Momsen on us? We certainly hope not.