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Um, No: Leigh Lezark



    Um, No: Leigh Lezark
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    The New York DJ and model (best known as one-third of the Misshapes) rocked a series of edgy, on-trend looks throughout her New York Fashion Week run (we even forgave her a certain see-through ensemble because, hey, everyone on the runways seemed to be showing off their underwear), but she seems to have missed a step on her way to Paris, somehow ending up in a modern art-inspired clown suit at Chanel's Spring/Summer 2010 runway show.

    We know it's possible to look chic in a jumpsuit -- Maggie Gyllenhaal did a great job the other night, in fact -- but overall we'd advise against wearing a one-piece with such a wildly complex print. Especially when said print seems to be a bit trompe l'oueil -- the more we stare at it, the more it looks like a circus performer's leotard, complete with star-shaped pasties.