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Um, No: Ivana Trump



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    It should be said, first of all, that Ivana Trump is a dame in the truest sense of the word, and most of the time we're in favor of her all-out glamorous style. In this instance, however, Ms. Trump probably should have steered clear of the strapless mini trend.

    Just because all of young Hollywood is wearing it, that doesn't mean you should stoop to their level. Or expose that much flesh, for that matter, even if you still do have a figure worth envying. On the one hand, we respect her no-holds-barred red carpet approach -- age-ists be darned! -- but on the other hand, we might recommended a crisp jacket or perhaps a glamorous shawl. Or a dress that was less ... Bright? Shiny? Just less. Or more. You know what we mean.