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Um, No: Erin Lucas



    Um, No: Erin Lucas

    Oh, Erin. We remember fondly when you were in "High Fives" territory last month, but sadly, the combination of a sheer (cropped) lace tank top and what appears to be a bandeau-type crop top is never really a good idea.

    Granted, a lot of bad mistakes were made at last night's Charlotte Ronson & JCPenney party (we're thankful, for example, that you chose to wear a bra, unlike Sean Lennon's model consort, who prefered to let it all show). And, we will admit, we've always been fans of the whole '80s-Madonna-meets-'90s-punk aesthetic that's been coming back of late. But still. There was no reason you couldn't have paired this perfectly cute floucy skirt with something a bit less ... well, trashy.