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Um, No: Emmy Rossum



    Um, No: Emmy Rossum
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    Remember how we said Emmy Rossum really never falters when it comes to red carpet events? Well, maybe she got tired of being "the good one," and decided to try a headache-inducing bodycon dress by Ferragamo at GQ's Gentlemen's Ball last night.

    To be fair, we understand -- even Gwyneth Paltrow broke down and wore that goth outfit to the Oscars one year. And Ms. Rossum has the body to back up this kind of figure-hugging ensemble. However, the sheer, zig-zagging patterns make the flattering outlines of her body too hard to make out, resulting in a rather dizzying effect (and not in a good way). All in all, a rather sophisticated way wardrobe don't, but a don't nonetheless.