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Um, No: Carrie Bradshaw



    Um, No: Carrie Bradshaw
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    Okay, full disclosure: We think this on-set shot of Carrie Bradshaw is part of an elaborate joke in the movie. A flashback sequence, perhaps. That would be the ONLY excuse for the horror that is Sarah Jessica Parker's full-on perm in this picture.

    Seriously, that is the perm to end all perms. It also makes SJP look eerily like Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction." But that's not even the full extent of the horror -- there's also the single strand of pearls paired with the "Flashdance"-inspired off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. And don't even get us started on the see-through-suitcase.

    Surely, even Patricia Field wouldn't be daffy enough to make this a real Carrie Bradshaw ensemble. Surely, surely, this is a flashback. Actually, come to think of it, an entire SATC 2 composed solely of flashbacks including terrible New York fashion might really be worth seeing!